The minor in Sports Management will provide undergraduate students with an overview of the sports industry from an interdisciplinary perspective.  Students in this minor will acquire skills in various aspects of the sports industry, including public relations, turf management, facilities and event planning, management and marketing, hospitality services, diversity and leadership. Students selected for the competitive minor track will have hands-on experiences through internships and practicum opportunities with regional professional sports franchises, including the Denver Broncos.


Program Information FAQ

Students with a degree from the Denver Broncos Sports Management Institute (DBSMI) at Colorado
State University will have the knowledge, skills, and a nuanced perspective to help compete in the sports
industry and make positive impacts to its future. Possible career paths include facility and event
management, media communications, sales, marketing and promotions, intercollegiate athletics administration,
data analytics, and global sport organizations in for-profit, not-for-profit, or community organizations.

Currently, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) general test or the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is not required. However, if you’ve taken either of these tests within the past five years and feel your results support your candidacy, you should submit your scores when you apply.

Prospective candidates are evaluated on multiple criteria:

Undergraduate GPA (including a review of specific courses attempted, grades on core courses, and recent semester trends)

Previous work experience within industries of sport

Participation in sports, and sport-related or community activities

Supplemental application for the DBSMI program

Demonstration of a strong commitment to the world of sports

*GRE/GMAT score (not required)

No, this is not a requirement for our program, but it’s not uncommon. Student success is often driven by one’s passion and commitment to pursue a career in the management of sports.

Candidates from many different professional backgrounds are welcome to apply. We believe learning is enriched in meaningful ways due to the sharing of differing perspectives based on individuals’ life and work experiences. Thus, the diversity of professional experience among our graduate students and faculty is a key contributor to the quality of classroom learning. Prior professional experience in sport is not a requirement to qualify or to succeed in our program. You are likely to find professionals who desire to pursue a career in sports or current sports professionals looking to enhance their current skill set and prepare for advancement opportunities. We also have professionals seeking career changes into a sports career.

No particular degree is required or preferred for admittance. Today’s sport organizations are looking for professionals from many academic backgrounds with diverse skills and knowledge of multiple areas relevant to the industry.

We agree that it can be a bonus to be a huge fan of sports! We certainly are! However, our goal is train students effectively to lead and manage sport in manners that reflect the evolving nuances of sport industries, the community, and our broader society. We will push you to think deeper and critically about sport as business, as a social and cultural institution of society, and as a opportunity to have impact on the world around us.

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